Rose Gold edition of the GPHG 2016 “AIGUILLE D’OR” - The Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometrie FB 1.

The attached picture is of the amazing Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometrie FB 1 in Rose Gold.  The White Gold version has just won the 2016 GPHG Aiguille D'or (overall best watch). Thank you Vincent Lapaire and Audrey Humbert for letting me have so much of your time detailing this amazing timepiece at last weeks Salon QP in London .  It is beyond incredible and a very worthy winner. Congratulations!

I'm often asked by inquisitive friends and family, 'what is the best watch in the world?'  My surprisingly simple response is 'the one you like the best!'  For someone who has not spent his whole life working in watches, I have the advantage of an independant and untainted view of the horological landscape.   I am fortunate enough to have seen and held some of the greatest timepieces ever created, from all corners of the globe, but I struggle to pick one over another. 

As our lives evolve, for many of us the milestones are punctuated with horological investments.  For me, my love affair with watches began with a Texas Instruments LED watch. It was probably the least aesthetic timepiece I have ever owned, however, it was a gift from my parents, Hilary and John, for my birthday when I was around 7 years old.  Now my parents have passed, I look back at the watch with such affection and as a symbol of the happy childhood my parents gave me and my siblings and of the precious time they shared with me.

My 7 year old son is asking for a watch for Christmas this year. What can I choose to inspire a love of watches in our next generation I ask myself???

What I've learned to appreciate is that despite my desire for many of the beautiful timepieces I encounter, it doesn't matter what brand, movement, metal, size or shape your watch is - if it works and brings you joy then wear it in good health and with a smile on your face.    After all, it is time that is the greatest comoditiy, and not the device conveying it.